What this blog is

This blog will represent me professionally as a faculty member at the University of North Texas. The views here do NOT represent the university and only me, myself, and I. I will post reflections on things I read, links to informational and relevant links and writings, general thoughts about technology, documentary, and related items linking to my own work.

The reason it is called Through Stories is because I have a personal theory that people learn best when content is situated in narratives and it is also largely how I teach.

I also Twitter at @sjwarren1 where I’ll post other thoughts and relevant information as I find it. I have a YouTube channel at tribul4tion, but most of the videos are set to private because they are family oriented or for work and need to be restricted. I may post some others as I think appropriate and will link directly to them here in the blog.

My main web site is: http://www.scottjwarren.com

The ThinkTankTwo site where you can find more information about my current projects is: http://www.thinktanktwo.info

To learn more about our program (CECS), go to the Department of Learning Technologies @ UNT is located at: http://www.lt.unt.edu

I also have several blogs out there that are being used as production diaries and auto-ethnographic resources related to a documentary I’m working on related to teaching at the university with technology today. Those will not be posted until after the films come out or I get tenure.

I also have an alternate reality course game starting up again today at http://2015.thinktanktwo.info. The structure is somewhat based on World Without Oil, but focused on UN Millenium Development Goals and with not money for production, so it is student and faculty produced to support critical thinking, creative problem solving, and developing real world skills for the computer applications students are using.


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