Re-posting from ARVEL SIG update

The following comes from Sabine’s weekly ARVEL SIG update and has some good information:

ARVEL SIG is back for an exciting 2011!


This week, we jumpstart 2011 with a discussion hosted by Dr. Ralph Schroeder (SL: Mondaugen Knutson) on his new book ” Being There Together Social Interaction in Virtual Environments” (2010).
See you all on Thursday, 02/10/2011 at 9am PST/SLT (12:00pm EST; 5pm GMT) at NOTE THE SPECIAL DAY&TIME FOR THIS SESSION.


>>Dr. Schroeder’s slides are up on the Metalab Whiteboard at ARVEL SIG @ Cave in SL. Feel free to browse through them before the discussion and prepare your questions/comments.

ARVELSIG END OF YEAR PARTYSheila Yoshikawa posted a groovy short video of our end of year party. Come and watch it here:

>>In preparation for an exciting RL session at ARVEL SIG at AERA 2011 in New Orleans ( Coming soon!!!), we are warming up the machinima cameras to collect outstanding testimonies of virtual world applications and implementations in teaching and researching. SUBMIT YOUR MACHINIMA FOR A CHANCE TO BE SEEN AT THE AERA 2011 ANNUAL MEETING !

Please submit your machinima(s) for the ARVEL SIG Screencast Challenge February-March. a chance to win the February-March challenge AND for all submissions to be included in the AERA2011 ARVEL SIG session.

How: The 5-minute video challenge opens on February 1, 2011 and closes on March, 31 2011 at midnight PST/SLT (3am EST; 8:00 GMT). This month, we decided to create 3 categories: AR, Games, and VW. Choose your recording software (ARVEL SIG recommends Screenr for its simplicity -free, no download, no conversion, immediate publication/twitter option). Tell us about your research/teaching in your virtual environment in 5 minutes or less.
Post on ARVEL SIG Forum > Videos ( Add “arvelfeb” in tags
Post on Twitter and add #arvelfeb to your tweet. (Check #arveldec for the December Challenge)

>>Watch our submissions for our first Challenge in December:
Dream Realizations team’s Cooper’s Lab in Second Life,
Kevon Zenovka’s World of Teachcraft
Sheila Yoshikawa’s Exploring information literacy on Infolit iSchool


4th Annual Conference –March 17-19, 2011. (Submissions end February 15, 2011)

VWBPE 2011 is doing a machinima stream for the first time that dovetails with our ARVEL SIG Challenges.

Make sure to submit your ARVEL SIG 5-minute video Challenge to the VWBPE Machinima streak as well. The education category of 5 to 7 minutes fits perfectly.

>>AERA ANNUAL MEETING registration open now! April 8-12, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Annual Meeting 2011 program and details:

Join AERA and make sure to add ARVEL in your Special Interest Group (#173):

The AERA program has yet to be posted, but be assured that this year’s ARVEL SIG sessions are outstanding!
Stay tune on for 2011 AERA Annual Meeting details and ARVEL SIG 2011 program
To see last year’s AERA Annual Meeting Edition and the ARVEL SIG program

See you all on Thursday, 02/10/2010 at 9am at ARVEL SIG at CAVE Island for the virtual world research discussion hosted by the ARVEL SIG InWorld Discussion,


Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning, an AERA Special Interest Group

ARVEL locations in VWs:
ARVEL in 3rdRock Grid (Tierra Paz 125,80,25)
ARVEL in ReactionGrid (Ontos2 50,82,46)
ARVEL in Second Life (CAVE 12,241,42)
ARVEL in SmallWorlds
Do you own some space in a VW? Contact us to establish an ARVEL headquarter in your VW.


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