Some disturbing news about our gullibility re: Internet sources

None of this is actually surprising to me at all, given what our undergraduates have told us about, which is included in our Computer Literacy course.

As put in one blog by an unidentified student:

How do you evaluate what is real or true?   I think in today’s world you just have to evaluate everything you see and hear.   You need to weigh it against what you already know and decide from there.
What is knowledge in a world where anyone can publish? Not worth much anymore unless you can back it up.
Is this true?: Why or why not?  Based on lesson 15 in the book this week, I would say no.  I have actually heard of DHMO.  I worked in a veterniarin clinic several years ago, and the veterinarian used it as a treatment occassionally, but I can’t remember for what.  I found where it said that the website was updated today by Tom Way, but there was not an email address that I could find. (sic)

I find it interesting that when we try to teach critical thinking, self-regulated learning skills, and problem solving, they fight us as though we are trying to do something horrible to them. In the LTEC 1100 course, we have taught these skills implicitly and implicitly and they blog angrily that we are demanding far too much of them. They don’t like to communicate with each other WITHIN courses about course materials only outside the course even with today’s technology tools.

We try to make it a game and they don’t want to engage in anything challenging. Analyzing their blogs and interviews, most take a pure acquisition view of learning and teaching. They believe they are blank slates to be written upon by the instructor. Any attempt to make them active learners is met with bad course evaluations and constant fire-breathing from participants

The following study’s findings that undergraduates are not learning in the first two years is not at all surprising:


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