Interesting, browser-based game: Echobazaar

Been playing the following on and off the last few days: Echobazaar

I learned about it from a Tweet by Intellagirl a little while back. It is set in an alternate reality Victorian-type Britain and is commonly referred to as Fallen London. I like the fact that it connects through Twitter or Facebook and I only get 10 turns at a time, so it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

What I like even more is the alternate reality narrative and it’s skill-building in areas like Persuasion and Watchfulness that respond to your chosen activities. There are also items, but almost everything appears to have a backstory that is engaging and entertaining. You learn about the world as you play, but it’s not expository for the most part.

There are little bits of information on the page as you play, but they are highly context-dependent and one must learn the context in order to become in any way successful. My main Twitter account I’m playing with is @sjwarren1. I have no idea how well I’m doing in terms of progress, but I don’t care that much. It is just fun.


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