Attending Thin Line Film Fest

I’m waiting for the Shorts 2 to begin and am at Denton’s fabulous Campus Theater for the first time in almost five years. It is very nice, comfortable, colorful, and updated. Reminds me of Buskirk-Chumley in Bloomington, IN. Lots of folks expressing dramaturgical communicative actions of identity silently through creative clothing choices. Everyone seems to know one another; I know no one, but am enjoying the quiet. Apparently I’m supposed to vote, but am not comfortable doing so as this is my first time. Maybe next year i can go to the whole thing with an all access pass or maybe even volunteer.

Great sponsors including my illustrious employer, the University of North Texas. Need to learn more about I heart Denton and buy a shirt to express my support and wish to be a part of the community. The guy talking right now is giving good information about the local sponsors and films that I didn’t know.

Planning on submitting one or two shorts next year, so being here is really helpful. The New Tech Doc for sure.


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