Need for feedback

Just talked to a woman doing exhibition work at the next booth. She did an amazing job engaging with and learning what could best help the prospective client. She listened more than she talked, soliciting information that could help tailor her discourse meaningfully. I told her what I thought of her excellent approach and she asked at first if I was being sarcastic. She is apparently not used to getting any feedback, much less positive feedback.

Now her peer is talking to the same guy and showing him the product, explaining how the thing works. She is giving specific examples of how the prospective client could harbor for his group. She has ready, coherent answers.

I had always read old research about the importance of feedback in instructional designs. However, I don’t see critical, useful feedback modeled or given very often. It is important as faculty to teach how to effectively critique the work and practice of others, especially teaching. Marketing is really a form of education and is not often discussed as such. The practice of educating prospective consumers is important and a dramaturgical communicative act tied vey much to an individual identity that evolves with rag instance of discourse with prospective clients.

Because there is an identity component, giving feedback and critique that respects the work of instructors is important and must communicate regard for the fact that what we create as designers and how we teach is as much part of us as an artwork. It is open to public critique and those giving critique must be prepared to do so positively and constructively and the learner-actor must be able to understand and engage in performance improvement based on that feedback.

Transmedia experiences and instruction similarly require constructive feedback. If you are playing an alternate reality game or engaging in some other experience, give designers good feedback highlighting the positive areas and those that may require work. It is the only way future designs can improve.

I’m watching folks Twitter about Snow Town Library ARG and there is some good feedback through engagement by players there.

I will try to get into it more if I can get decent internet. As it stands, this is being typed on my iPhone WordPress app with my giant fingers. My apologies for typos.


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