SALT New Technologies Conference 2011 Day One

The conference has been good so far in terms of meeting really good people with really good ideas. It appears that people outside of Texas (and even in the DFW area) do not really know about the UNT College of Information degrees and it has been a great opportunity to talk to them about our Masters, PhD, and BAAS. I did not realize how many people have kids in community college that would really like to complete their Bachelors Degree online, so that should be a good area of growth.

As an exhibitor, I have not been able to attend any presentations, but I’m learning a huge amount just chatting with people who come by the booth. Other than Nova Southeastern U. having a small space, we are the only university represented in the exhibitors hall. This has given me the opportunity to get in-depth about our programs with people in terms of what would most benefit them. There is a huge amount of interest in a doctorate with the local mentor setup that Dr. Jones has been working heavily on over the last year.

I have been re-Tweeting instructional job opportunities on my @sjwarren1 account that have been coming in from @InstrDesignJobs as I see things that are of interest. If you are a Masters student or graduate looking for instructional design positions nationwide, I recommend following that feed.


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