Twitter teaching vs Twitter informing

I use Twitter daily now. In some respects I use it to communicate information I think will be useful to my students. This includes re-Tweets of instructional design jobs, games, research, etc.

If I really want to teach something, I usually do formal instruction in class, Adobe Connect Pro, or in a long blog with references, links and deep information. 140 characters is to short for a lot of direct instruction or to match my methods.

However, it can be good for discourse. Constative communicative actions can be generated using truth claims by me that open debate and counter-claims among students that encouraged seeking information and research that supports their claims. This kind of discourse can only happen somewhat synchronously, so if students miss the Tweets I put up, the learning doesn’t really happen. This theoretical framework is still very much nascent and needs more thought. I’m using it but need to frame it more clearly in terms of existing theories including LTCA (see early blog) theory.

Everyone in the room is either on their phone or computer. I wonder if they are teaching or informing or neither.


2 thoughts on “Twitter teaching vs Twitter informing

  1. The beauty is that the students don’t have to miss your latest tweets. You can set up a twitter-fountain with sjwarren1 as a keyword or you can use multiple keywords: sjwarren1 #cecs5440 for example, and have those tweets rotate. Then on your website (or blog if you so wish) have your twitter fountain animate those tweets over and over again in the fountain. The only snag I see is if someone posts something less scholarly… you have to keep an eye on it so that you can remove what you don’t want on your site. Not sure either how many tweets will rotate. Maybe there is a way to change the number in the code. I did not look into that.


    • I will see if I can try to set that up this weekend. I like the idea of being able to organize the tweets better for my students and anyone else that follows me. Thanks!

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