New Tech blog postings finally updated

It took me ten days longer than I would have liked to get these posted because of being out-of-town last week and then preparing to be out-of-town today and tomorrow. I still have photos on my Mac Pro in the office that need to be posted there. There is rarely enough time to ever be caught up on my work. At the faculty meeting today, almost every faculty member said they needed the help of full-time graduate students to help us with research, writing, and the day-to-day work that just takes so much from us.

My research group will spend Monday preparing to film and then the rest of the week filming at New Tech HS for our first data collection period. In the meantime, I am off to Chicago for 24 hours starting this afternoon and get back late tomorrow night. Doing a workshop on using transmedia/alternate reality games to support learning and teaching. I will post my videos used in the presentation on YouTube next week after I do some voice-overs for them. Will link them through my blog then.

Will try to go to The Boring Store in Chicago while I am there. I have been to the Superhero Supply in Brooklyn and the Pirate Supply in San Francisco in the past, so look forward to going here. One of my students got me some folks from Greenwood Space Travel Supply. If you are into supporting literacy, support the 826 National and local locations.


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