First day at New Tech

Today has mainly been an organizational day. We’re working with the NTFuze students to figure out the steps and process for recruiting students, where filming will be done and when, how to get blog reflections shared, and what equipment students will have to do their “days in the life” segments where they capture their own Lifeworld and school experiences. In addition, there are just a lot of logistical considerations in terms of getting footage pulled from cameras. We’re bringing the 2 terabyte drive and my last MacBook Pro down from UNT tomorrow so that the footage can all be captured centrally.

Having these very professional students work on this project is a truly amazing experience. They really know what they are doing and think things through to make sure that everything can work well. They not only know their equipment, but their organizational skills are fantastic. They are also amazing leaders and their relationship with their instructors feels more like they are colleagues than teacher-student.

We had a lovely tour this morning and learned a huge amount about how the project-based learning works here. The young lady that took us on the tour was able to answer every question well and easily. She took us into multiple classrooms where they are doing brilliant lateral thinking activities akin to transmedia/alternate reality games in which they do a lot of role-play, film, and live acting.


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