Day Two at New Tech

Starting day two. I expected to see some discomfort with the teachers as we come in and practice filming for the first time. I did see a bit of that. The students appear to be quite at ease with being filmed, while the teachers who were on camera yesterday seemed nervous.

Today, we did a lot of testing of the equipment and wining with students to plan exactly what they will do and decide upon student participants with them from all volunteers. It was noted yesterday that most who volunteered were girls. I’m a bit uncomfortable that our whole filming team has only one woman and she has not been with is yet. That was a problem in graduate school, too. We would go to collect data with a cadre of men because there were few women available to help as they were always working hard on other projects. I worry that this may stilt our perceptions.

That is why it will be good to have the students conducting the research with us. They have a good balance of men and women in NTfuze and everyone seems to know what is going on with production and workload. Right now, we are testing captured footage, because the main camera is was not set correctly.

I only stayed until 1:30 pm today as I’m not feeling well. Came home and napped for a couple of hours. Before that, I filmed in a Spanish class, English, American Studies, and digital art class as well as some “walking through the hallways shots” with kids for B roll. Going to try to feel better by tomorrow so I can spend the whole day there.

We logged some really good footage of teachers and students. The methods and activities were quite innovative and the kids were very self-directed. While they worked, there was some random talk about Pokemon and other random subjects, but they were largely hard at work and engaged.


2 thoughts on “Day Two at New Tech

  1. Something is going around I had it all day yesterday and part of today, made me just want to sleep! Hope you feel better and that your wife and kids will not get sick.

    • That is exactly how I feel. The little boy had it over the weekend. The wife and I have it now. Poor timing with classes and data collection…

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