Vacation delayed

Was supposed to leave town early this morning. Instead, we spent the day at the airport and tried to fly standby after missing a flight that left 15 minutes early at 6:25 AM. Kids, the wife and I are exhausted. I’m on hold now trying to book a flight directly to Grand Cayman for Sunday/Monday to catch up with the cruise ship we will miss on Saturday.

I learned a lot today through Twitter about what is happening in Japan and feel absolutely sick about it. I have several colleagues and friends who live in that part of the world. Worried about Steve, Kate, Tim, and several others in neighboring countries as well impacted by the tsunami.

New flight is booked for Sunday and Monday as well as a hotel for Sunday night. Managed to get bumped to first class for the first leg of the trip, which is a great benefit of calling to do a flight over using the newfangled Internet tools. Hopefully, Sunday and Monday will be much smoother. Afternoon flight Sunday, late morning flight on Monday, which should make getting to the airport early easier.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be reading a new book about Jean Rouch as well as finishing another book on critical documentary during the trip. In the meantime, I’m just darned happy to get to sleep in my bed tonight and that we’ll still get to go on the boat with my whole family starting Monday.



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