Back from AERA

I have been back from AERA 2011 in NOLA for one day now and have been sprinting from one thing to the next. The conference was great, buy the pace was brutal doing 3 presentations and attending others, then doing special interest group officer stuff, and hanging out with my fantastic graduate students.

Today through Tuesday, we are filming in Coppell for documentary. That will be great! I have a lot of email to get through, unfortunately, due to an overloaded work account. Also have an assistant professor search to get ready for and a document to revise for the doctorate that I really have to get to now.

Looking forward to teaching tonight and getting back to analysis, data collection and writing over the next couple of weeks, which will be intense.

People at AERA were great this year and I saw some great sessions. there was some despair about the attacks on teachers and faculty in many states as well as the scarcity of grant money everywhere to support research and design. I saw a lot of great ideas that will never receive funding. Hopefully, things will improve in US education systems Vancouver next year or at least Philadelphia the following.


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