Logging footage: A necessary evil

Today, we are doing some of the most boring film-related work imaginable: logging footage. We have about 35 hours of footage to log from five cameras used during the first two weeks of New Tech HS shooting. We discovered yesterday that we have about 1.5 terabytes of footage captured so far and no way to back it up. Thus, we convinced our lovely lady with the department checkbook to buy us a 4 terabyte backup and a bunch of 2 TB hard drives with docks for future use.

Are we collecting too much footage? I believe the answer is that there can never be enough. However, time is lacking for doing the analysis, so we will have to find some ways to speed that up in the future.

We have about two weeks before we return to finish up filming and then will likely spend the summer analyzing all that gorgeous data. The last two days have been devoted to the department chair candidate visit and the last two days this week will be for a visitor from Indiana. Tomorrow will be filming and meetings of which I am much more looking forward to the former.

On a positive note, I did complete a draft of an article that I started in graduate school about 6 years ago. I posted my personal theory of learning and teaching (LTCA) in a long-ago post and this expands on that into a full theoretical model with examples. I’m hoping to submit it to Educational Philosophy and Theory by the end of May if all goes to plan. I went a little crazy the last couple of days planned a whole series of articles that will follow from it, but this one needed to be done first.


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