End of the semester; beginning of Maymester

Today, I’m grading as much student work as I possibly can before several hours of graduation ceremonies this afternoon and with grades due on Monday at 1 PM. What I have read so far has been pretty good, which always nice. This is usually a time I like to reflect on the semester, but with the teaching self-study research project I did this semester, I’m a bit tired of that constant reflection right now, so will probably wait until Maymester starts next week.

I will say that it has been an excellent semester in many respects. The level of communication I was able to engage in this semester with students both formally and informally for education has been much greater than in past semesters. It has meant that I have been able to write a bit less academically, but I feel like the students benefitted from the increased use of tools like Twitter, Schoology, and even text messaging this semester. I did discover that, for some students, shifting them from a perspective in which they expect me to constantly engage in strategic communicative actions such as highly directive imperatives rather than building understanding and deciding what to do through constative and other forms of communication. It becomes an epistemic challenge to what they think school is supposed to be when I push back the responsibility for the course on them to generate a shared process centered on dialogue and constructed norms, work, and meanings generated from basic claims to truth supported by evidence.


One thought on “End of the semester; beginning of Maymester

  1. I think that you are building people by having them share the responsibilities of the course and in the case of our class; you are preparing us for our future roles as researchers and professors.

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