Back from the summer abyss

I overcommitted this summer in terms of publishing and have not been writing on my blog at all since about May. The next few weeks are very busy with the end of summer teaching and beginning of the fall. However, I will find a way to post at least once a week if not more often.

This summer, I have published, submitted, revised, or worked hard on articles, books, and chapters and am nearly caught up to what I said I would do last fall. I have an article and book chapter revision due the week after next plus instructional design work to revise an undergraduate course. There is no time to update the graduate course except to move it over to Schoology. Hopefully, during the fall, I can get the video and narrative components I wanted to get done the last few months created and inserted for spring. We have made no progress on documentaries except that one of our undergraduates logged the spring footage. That will have to be what I focus on for the fall. I only have a book chapter due the end of September, so things are pretty clear through December.

Fortunately, my daughter’s health issues of the last three weeks seem to have subsided, so I’m not going back and forth between hospital and 2-year-old. Our parents have been great in supporting us at home and my graduate students, faculty, staff and friends all over have been wonderful in helping and just keeping my wife and I upbeat and functional. Thank you to everyone that has wished us well, offered prayers, and kept us in our thoughts.


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