October begins…

I have been supremely bad at writing blog posts so far this year. Given how atrocious the political climate for education, I should have more to say right now. We’re doing more with less. Merit pay hasn’t been given here in three years, thought the cost of living continues to rise. We have enough administrators for 45,000 students, but have only 34,000, so a lot of the money is going to those salaries.

My students are awesome and working very hard on a lot of projects. We’re doing some systemic change projects locally towards improving the doctoral student experience and learning. I’m working with a peer towards shifting our doctoral program courses to a meaningful scope and sequence with realistic outcomes. Further, we’re trying to figure out how to institute and recognized cognitive apprenticeship to support students and connect them with the larger academic community. I’m writing a book chapter on that concept now as well as how social media can be used to support communities of practice in higher education.

There is always so much to do and not enough time in the day. On a positive note, I’ve been learning a lot lately from several good books including the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. I’ve also been writing a ton of book chapters and articles, which may account for my lack of blog posts.


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