AECT 2011

Today was a good day at the conference. I hadn’t been to AECT since Louisville a couple of years ago. This is the first time I have gone and not presented. It’s been nice not to have that stress and to just be able to chat with people about theory and research. Someone actually asked me about LTCA theory, which he likely found on this blog and we had a very nice discussion about it. He helped me think through some assessment pieces I hadn’t really started focusing on yet.

Not having to present and instead sitting at the recruiting booth also gave me the opportunity to meet some people I had always wanted to meet. They were people I knew from their work and seeing their sessions, but had not been introduced to at earlier conferences. Have seen some friends and acquaintances from past conferences, which has been nice.

The conference has been nice, though I’ve only been to one session. The hotel has been very active in supporting the conference from what I can tell and the booth set up has been nice. There is also a really nice place to run along the St. John’s River right next to the hotel.


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