Lifeworld, work world

Since it has been a huge impact on me over the last couple of months, I’m going to post some things about my lifeworld and how they impact me as an academic. I’m working on a series of articles about the back and forth impact of the lifeworld and systemic work experience on academics working in the field. Specifically, I’ll talk about travel, major personal events, and student lifeworlds as they impact teaching and learning at least from my limited, but hopefully somewhat valid perspective.

So the first post focuses on providing an overview of what has been happening in my own lifeworld since January of 2012.

Major work events:
1. January was about 4 months after my tenure began at UNT
2. Worked on two major instructional design and program development projects with faculty in Learning Technologies under leadership of Dr. Greg Jones. This included the development and implementation of both an online PhD and an accelerated masters where courses complete in 8 weeks instead of 16.
3. Multiple articles and book chapters.
4. Travel for recruiting and presentations 5 times (which is not a lot compared with many folks I none, but with three and six year olds at home it is a lot.)
5. Completed several articles and book chapters with students and colleagues
6. Two student dissertations completed and defended as chair and several others as committee member.
7. New department chair and adjustments that go along with any new colleague
8. Major financial problems at UNT that have affected every aspect of the university including teaching
9. Other things I cannot remember right now

Lifeworld things in general:
1. Split with wife after 14 years both married and dating
2. Bought new house
3. Have kids fully half time
4. Major illness in the spring
5. Bought a truck and a motorcycle (which may sound odd but are important for reasons I’ll explain later.)
6. Sister had difficult pregnancy culminating in my niece being born last Monday
7. Travel for 20th high school reunion (that I didn’t actually make it to)

So, all of these things interacted quite fiercely in the last 10+ months to make things a bit difficult as an academic. I have a had a lot of support from friends and family, which has been great. Over the course of the next several blog posts, I’ll talk about the interactions among lifeworld and work as an academic to see I have any stories that might be of use to those that follow my poorly updated blog. Hopefully, this will get me back to a regular writing regimen as well and not just be seen as useless navel gazing. To that end, the next post I’ll talk about the actual research methods I’m basing this on with a goal of contextualizing the other work I hope to finish in the next year.

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