Evidence of concept: Koan School

I have been working on LTCA Theory for several years now. This semester, I am working with several people to put that theory into practice.

The Koan School is that practice and I’m hoping to develop evidence not “proof” for the theory by implementing it with middle school students. This is a systemic change project to develop a different model of schooling. The research right now is about using a 90’s Internet startup model at low cost in order to build the school.

The links are here:




We are building a full school. Right now it is in that building phase, developing and finding resources (both physical and human), and doing a small pilot. Right now we have five students with likely two more starting on Monday. We started with middle school and will start elementary in the fall.

This is a mix of instructional design, curriculum design, theory testing and development, and systemic change. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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