AERA Day Two

Thus far today, I have been dealing with some things back home in Denton and have not yet made my way over to sessions. I’ll likely run and get some lunch then head over in the next 30 minutes. I had a great discussion over dinner with the ARIEL SIG members last night about some future directions for the SIG and other projects. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them the next day or two and then over the coming months. They have some great ideas for expanding outreach beyond AERA regarding immersive spaces for education (i.e. games, simulations, virtual worlds, etc.).

I also worked a lot on research with a colleague at Arkansas that a couple of my students at UNT are involved in and we are making good progress. We should have a a few articles come out of that work, despite not quite finding what we had hoped originally. Instead, we found a lot of other important items that are not being addressed in schools today regarding student perceptions regarding ethnicity, special education status, religion, and a host of other critical power issues that are affecting their learning experience in secondary schools.

I’ll post more as the day continues.


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