The Green School in Bali: What can the Koan School do?

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this, but I’ve been super busy for a while.

The Green School in Bali, while having a millionaire backing it with many resources, has a lot of great ideas for sustainable education. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time studying it this year as it seems largely aligned with what we do at the Koan School.

CBS Sunday Morning did a story on it earlier in the year that they re-broadcast this morning. I love the idea of the green and how it is built into the community and the values of the region and place where the school is. I’m hoping we can do a lot more of that in Denton with the Koan School as we move forward over the next decade.


We are going to be working hard at our gardening with the kids this year, better ensuring the younger kids are both tending to the gardens on the grounds and learning the basics of their biology, growing from seeds as much as possible. The older kids should learn a lot more about the advanced concepts of growing food and flowers sustainably and how that can benefit the local community in terms of nutrition that results from the food we grow together.

I think we may try to join this organization, the Green Schools Alliance.


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