Call for chapters: Handbook of Research on Improving Educational Institutions through Systems Thinking

 This is a quick reminder that chapter proposals are due next week on Wednesday, September 3.

 Editor: Scott J. Warren, University of North Texas


Proposals Submission Deadline: July 30, 2014 (Extended to September 3, 2014)
Full Chapters Due: November 30, 2014

Systems thinking and theory in the area of learning/teaching have been at the forefront of identifying dysfunction and making positive change in educational systems. Early work by Urie Bronfenbrenner on understanding educational spaces has helped us understand both the ecological systems of classrooms and whole schools. This led to important work by Bela Banathy in the early 1990s with his views of educational systems and three analytical models that have become commonly used in instructional research to understand high levels of complexity in systems. Systems thinking helps educators and researchers examine difficult problems with no single correct answer by looking at the different, interacting parts (i.e. political, social, economic, etc.) as a means of first understanding a system’s constituent parts (functional and not), then working with stakeholders to improve the system. Given the complexity of problems facing school systems at every level, it is time to renew our field’s focus on using systems thinking, theory, and change, to bring about transformation in learning environments at every level.

The mission of this book is to both re-introduce the important concepts of educational systems thinking and explore educational research findings, methods, and associated projects from recent decades. As the major books in this area are no longer in print and were written in the 1980s and early 1990s, it is important for those teaching systems to have a comprehensive text that covers the major concepts and findings from important projects.

Contributors are welcome to submit chapters on the following topics (though are not limited to) relating to research, methods, underlying theories of systems thinking analysis and implementation, and other related topics from the broad field of education:

Historical evolution of systems thinking and research in education

Historical foundations of research on educational systems

Challenges from history in educational systems research

Research cases on projects conducted in communities and schools

Research methods for exploring systems thinking in education

Theoretical principles of systems thinking in support of systems research

Methods for studying educational systems

Research cases from adult learning in higher education

Research cases from adult learning in corporate training

Important dates

July 30, 2014: First Proposal Deadline (New! September 3, 2014)

September 30, 2014: Notification of proposal acceptance

November 30, 2014: Full chapter Submission

February 15, 2014: Review Results Returned to Authors

March , 2014: Revised Chapter Submission

May 15, 2014: Final acceptance Notifications

April 15, 2014: Submission of Final Chapters

May 30, 2014: Final Deadline


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