Week 6

This week is traditionally the end of the first six weeks session. In Texas at least the school year is broken up into six weeks so that students can be evaluated periodically. This is the end of the first six weeks of my sons first six weeks and in kindergarten. It is also The end of the first six weeks at Unt and close to the end of the first six weeks at the Koan School. We received our federal tax exempt status back at the end of August which we are hoping will help with fundraising so that we can continue our work with the school. However we wound up with not as many kids as we had had signed up and so things have been a little bit more difficult than we had expected with the expansion to high school and splitting the lower and upper elementary classes. I have a separate blog in which I capture my reflections on the day-to-day work at Cohen terms of all of the things that we have to do to maintain the school the decisions that we try to make in order to have things function well and both the positive and the negative things that are happening in her personally and certain respects and another conflict with kids,with faculty members, and administration and all of the other hard work that we do. This is simply what happens in a school because it is filled with people and their competing needs and thoughts.

At Koan, there have been field trips nearly every day, with our kids new and old learning to meditate, plant food, learn history through immersion at Heritage Village, learn about and meet alpacas here in Denton, and many more things out in the community. There are financial stressors, disciplinary ones, and every day seems two hours long lately. I love our kids and we have a great time together. We’ve been throwing the football around in the mornings in the afternoons as well as the new clubs that Heather has organized that happen each day. We now have chess club, French club arts and crafts, gaming, and one more that I am forgetting.

At UNT, there is stress from the uncertainty that comes with a new president and strong rumors about how he will reorganize us. Tenure is no protection nowadays from job loss as a professor. There is tension in the department along with the uncertainty.

With the hiring of someone to help Heather and I with administration work at Koan, there is more writing on my part weekly and monthly now that the summer is done. Classes this semester are interesting and students are different every time, so I’m working to tailor the work to them and their needs and skills. It takes time to do, but I believe it will make their experience more relevant and applicable to future courses they take with me and others.

At home with my kids want to see me a lot more so I am trying to arrange a way to have my many jobs and work that I have to do coincide better with their afterschool time.

That’s it for today.


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