In short, I am a researcher, instructor, instructional designer and writer.

At the University of North Texas, I design and conduct research on digital experiences ranging from alternate reality games to ethical and moral concerns related to the use of games and simulations for educational purposes. I seek to improve student literacy in all subject areas, but especially reading and writing. I believe that it is important to examine the role of play in developing learning experiences in a systematic manner so that we can create replicable instructional designs for use in learning environments from K-20.

In addition, I have worked on a Quality Enhancement Plan grant at UNT that has allowed me to develop a number of different approaches to redesigning the program’s introductory computer applications course, LTEC 1100. The course design is now in full implementation with 7 sections (called The 2015 Project). It combines some game elements with the use of open-system, online applications like MySpaceFacebook, and YouTube to construct a problem-based learning approach to encouraging students to use technology to solve ill-structured problems embedded in transmedia experiences like those they will face upon graduate rather than on surface level learning. Three other iterations of the curriculum have been developed and are being compared with existing, computer-based instruction. The iteration showing the highest levels of student achievement and satisfaction based on the resulting quantitative and qualitative will be implemented for all sections of the course, which employs both face-to-face and online learning experiences.


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